Form Type:  NT 10-K
Filing Date:  4/1/1996 
CIK:  0000316911 
Address:  550 POST OAK BLVD STE 545 
City, State, Zip:  HOUSTON, Texas 77027 
Telephone:  (713) 622-9171 
Fiscal Year:  12/31 
Description of Business
USR Industries, Inc. (the "Company") was established in Delaware in 1980 as a holding corporation owning diversified small manufacturing interests. At the time of its formation, the Company's principal business lines were held through wholly-owned subsidiary corporations into which were contributed various divisional operations of the former United States Radium Corporation ("USRC"). In connection with the establishment of the Company, USRC was merged into a newly formed subsidiary of the Company and the respective assets and liabilities of former divisional operations of USRC were assumed by separate, wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Company. Thereafter, to more closely reflect its business as primarily a manufacturer of safety lighting products, USRC changed its name to Safety Light Corporation ("Safety Light"). In 1982 the Company sold all of the common stock ownership it had held in Safety Light to a group led by Safety Light management personnel.
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