Company:  KALEYRA, INC. (KLR)
Form Type:  8-K
Filing Date:  10/29/2021 
CIK:  0001719489 
Address:  VIA MARCO D'AVIANO, 2, 20131 MILANO MI 
City, State, Zip:  MILAN,  94303 
Telephone:  39 02 288 5841 
Fiscal Year:  12/31 
Last Trade
Last Trade: 
-0.2926 (-3.11%)  
Trade Time: 
03:32 PM EST  
Market Cap: 
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Description of Business
We are a Delaware corporation formerly known as GigCapital, Inc., and as a result of our business combination with Kaleyra S.p.A. on November 25, 2019, we changed our name to Kaleyra, Inc. (which we refer to throughout this Annual Report as our "Business Combination"). Business Overview Our Vision Kaleyra provides its customers and business partners with a trusted cloud communications platform (the "Platform") that seamlessly integrates software services and applications for business-to-consumer communications between Kaleyra's customers and their end-user customers and partners on a global basis. The demand for cloud communications is increasingly driven by the growing, and often mandated, need for enterprises to undertake a digital transformation that includes omnichannel, mobile-first interactive end-user customer communications.
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