Company:  T-MOBILE US, INC. (TMUS)
Form Type:  10-Q
Filing Date:  5/1/2014 
CIK:  0001283699 
Address:  12920 SE 38TH STREET 
City, State, Zip:  BELLEVUE, Washington 98006 
Telephone:  800-318-9270 
Fiscal Year:  12/31 
Last Trade
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0.79 (1.32%)  
Trade Time: 
Jun 22  
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Description of Business
We are the Un-carrier. Through our Un-carrier strategy, we've disrupted the wireless communications services industry by listening to our customers and providing them with added value and an exceptional experience. We introduced our Un-carrier strategy in 2013 and have since announced 14 signature initiatives that changed the wireless industry forever. We ended annual service contracts, overages, unpredictable international roaming fees, data buckets and more. Customer response to our Un-carrier strategy has allowed T-Mobile to grow into the third largest wireless provider in the United States. We will continue our relentless focus on customers and are determined to bring the Un-carrier to every potential customer in the United States. Our relentless focus on customer experience through increased investment in customer care, distribution expansion, and digital initiatives has strengthened our customer growth and increased customer retention and satisfaction.
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