Form Type:  NT 10-Q
Filing Date:  11/14/2017 
CIK:  0001543272 
Address:  P.O. BOX 32 
City, State, Zip:  LAFAYETTE, New Jersey 07848 
Telephone:  561-292-3824 
Fiscal Year:  12/31 
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Description of Business
We are a Company focused on developing intellectual property, contracting out the manufacturing of the products covered by the intellectual property and bringing to market these products through direct to consumer sales utilizing digital media, infomercials as well as distribution through third party vendors and retail outlets. Our first product LUNA is an alchemy of essential oils and peptide. The Company has begun to generate limited sales of LUNA at $20 per unit selling approximately 70 10 milliliter bottles. Currently the main product the Company is working toward manufacturing and developing a market for is VOLUPTAS, a female sexual arousal enhancer. A provisional patent for VOLUPTAS has been filed and the Company is currently engaged with a manufacturer in Texas to create 3D molds and will take the product through all of the necessary stability tests required over the next approximately 6 months in preparation to bring this product to market.
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