Form Type:  6-K
Filing Date:  4/21/2017 
CIK:  0001463471 
Address:  UNIT B9, 431 ROBERTS RD 
City, State, Zip:  SUBIACO,  6018 
Telephone:  618 94439512 
Fiscal Year:  06/30 
Last Trade
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-0.0284 (-28.52%)  
Trade Time: 
Jun 22  
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Description of Business
Our legal and commercial name is Mission NewEnergy Limited, which was incorporated in Western Australia under the laws of Australia (specifically, the Australian Corporations Act) in November 2005. We are an Australian public company, limited by shares. In May 2006, we conducted an initial public offering in Australia, raising A$27.0 million, and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. In August 2006, we commenced construction of our first biodiesel refinery with a 100,000 tonnes (30 million gallons) per year nameplate capacity at an industrial hub in Port Kuantan, Malaysia along the eastern coast of Malaysia. In early calendar 2007, we commenced non-food biodiesel feedstock cultivation operations in India. We focused on the cultivation of Jatropha Curcas, or Jatropha, an inedible, low cost dedicated energy crop with the intention to become self-sufficient with respect to our feedstock supply and not in competition with the food supply.
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